3G and 4G auction happened smoothly in Pakistan


The latest reports right from the heart of capital city, Islamabad, has claimed that the much-anticipated auctions of next generation spectrum have been completed. It was a long and day-long session of auctions which consisted of several rounds of auctions, eight of them, to be precise.

A large number of media officials, participating network representatives and staff from the PTA were present at Marriot Hotel, Islamabad to witness the groundbreaking ceremony of NGMS auctions in Pakistan.

The day started with the logging in to the bidding system by the participating operators at 8 AM. The first round of the auctions kicked off at 10 AM. Each bid was given a time of 45 minutes to complete the auction process until it was called off.

In the 2100 MHz category, which is basically entitled for 3G services, each of the four operators were able to find a license of this category. Zong and Mobilink managed to win a 10MHz bandwidth in the 3G spectrum whereas Ufone and Telenor qualified to get a 5 MHz block in the same spectrum.

Zong also got the honors of winning a 4G license as it was mandatory for the operator to get a 3G license first. One more 4G license wasn’t grabbed by anyone. So it will be auctioned presumably later in this year.

With the 3G spectrum license, the government was able to generate some hefty revenues. A total of US $902.82 million came from the 3G spectrum auction. On the other hand, 4G license lured $ 219.18 million revenue for the government. Overall, 1.122 billion US dollars were the target achieved by the regulators by the next generation auctions in the country. Earlier, a number of analysts predicted that the arrival of 3G/4G auctions will bring some $ 1.3 billion to the national economy.

The high ups and executives of cellular companies arrived to see the updates of the auction process. At the closure of the ceremony, Finance Minister Mr. Ishaq Dar, IT Minister Mrs. Anusha REhman, IT Secretary Ikhlaq Tarar and PTA Chairman Dr. Ismail Shah also joined the event. All the dignitaries shared a few words with the audiences and congratulated the winning operators. The federal ministers applauded the brilliant and untiring efforts from the PTA to organize such a transparent and smooth auction process for the next generation technologies in the country.