3G / 4G auction in Pakistan is expected to bring massive foreign investment


The government of Pakistan will wholeheartedly pave all the possible ways for the smooth and transparent inductions of upcoming next generation 3G / 4G auctions in the country. The concerned authorities will make sure that each and every stakeholder is satisfied with the entire process of 3G/4G license auctions in a couple of coming weeks.

The IT Minister Mrs. Anusha Rehman Khan showed her commitment while saying these words as she chaired a substantial gathering with the top management of the telcos earlier today.

She was also confident about the best results of this landmark auctions in terms of massive foreign investments, public interest and economic credibility of the local broadband industry. The PTA chairman Dr. Ismail Shah and IT secretary Mr. Akhlaq Khan were also present at the meeting.

The high command of the cellular operators called on the IT minister to commend her contribution for the major cause and demand her support and backings before the closure of IM released by the regulators.

A decisive and state-of-the-art strategy and policy for the upcoming auctions will ensure the success of this process and will eventually benefit the developing Pakistani telecom and broadband sector.

Mrs. Anusha Rehman showed keen interest and appraised the recommendations and suggestions given by the stakeholders for the upcoming auctions process. She also disclosed the government stance on the bidding process which was quite helpful and open towards the betterment of the telecom and mobile industry in Pakistan.

The minister also added Pakistani telecom regulators are leaving no stone unturned to carry out fair and smooth induction of upcoming next-gen auctions in the country. This will also pave the way for overseas investors and multi-national firms to invest their energies and cash in the Pakistani telecom industry which will be very fruitful for the local natives in a number of ways.