What is 3G and 4G network and Pakistan telecom industry


What is 3G and 4G? What is the difference between 3G and 4G. difference between 3G and 4G. These all are the questions striking a common mobile user now a days in Pakistan. The 3G and 4G network auctioned was held in Pakistan on 23rd April 2014. All the leading telecom operators of Pakistan including Telenor, Mobilink, Zong and Ufone participated in the auction biding.However Warid Telecom stayed away. Telenor , Mobilink and Ufone took part in bidding of 3G network only while Zong did successful biding for both 3G and 4G networks. Here, I am going to inform you what is 3G, 4G and the main difference. So what all this 1G 2G 3G and 4G buzz is?

The Alphabet ‘G’ stands for Generation. Therefore 3G stands for 3rd Generation. Every Generation evolves after an average of 10 years. 1G came in 1981 followed by 2G in 1992, 3G in 2001 and 4G in 2011.

what is 3G

1G networks ((NMT, C-Nets, AMPS, TACS)). The first generation 1G was for Analogue devices and under that technology there was no text or SMS option (data transmission) available. In our common language we called those old mobile phones “Daba mobiles” or “brick mobiles” with long antennas and big sizes.

2G networks (GSM, CDMAOne, D-AMPS) . Then came 2G or second generation which was for digital devices in 1992. The term GSM was used during the era. 2G used protocols like CDMA, TDMA, iDEN and PDC. GSM is however based on TDMA.

2.5G networks (GPRS, CDMA2000). In between 2G and 3G there also came 2.5G with added features but it was not very much adopted. Technologies like EDGE and GPRS were used. Most of our mobiles in Pakistan still uses 2G network for data transmission when connected to internet. Since 3G and 4G are recently launched in Pakistan therefore you will experience much higher speed of internet once you switch over to 3G from 3G network.

3G networks. What is 3G? 3G stands for third Generation and evolved in 2001. The speed is much higher than 2G but lesser than 4G. 3G technology have enabled much faster data transmission speeds. Moreover 3G technology have greater network capacity or bandwidth and more advanced network service.

In between 3G and 4G there arrived 3.5G but not officially recognized. 3G includes HSPA+ and LTE. LTE is basically used in current 4G network too.

4G networks. What is 4G? 4G is recently auctioned in Pakistan.4G refers to fourth Generation. It stands for fourth generation and has much higher speed and data transmission capacity as compared to 3G. 4G is based on all IP packet switched network.

The 3G package plans and prices have already been announced by Telenor, Mobilink, Zong and Ufone. But for that you must be living in major cities. Ufone has currently launchedits 3G packages in 09 cities including Karachi,Islamabad, Lahore and Quetta. Similarly 3G coverage for other mobile networks in Pakistan is currently available in major cities only. It is however expected that in coming few months 3G will be available in all over Pakistan.

The 3G and 4G technologies will offer following benefits to mobile users in Pakistan:

• Uninterrupted Video Calling service
• Seamless Video Streaming service
• Non Stop Music Downloads
• One click Social Networking and Browsing

For activation for 3G like in Telenor you have to dial following code
Dial *7799# and get Telenor 3G coverage.