82 percent of Samsung smartphones lack software updates


Android over the years has become the most successful OS for mobile phones in world. It has a huge customer as well as developers base. The updates are required more frequently may be froom google or OEM. Google earlier tried to protect customers by asking OEMs to update devices for at least 18 months but OEMs have not took the matter that seriously

So who’s to be blamed Google or OEM. Recently Consumentenbond a consumer protection group in Netherlands has asked OEMs to send out updates .The group  is an influential not-for-profit organisation which looks after consumer interests. Consumentenbond has taken Samsung to the court for not providing updates in a timely manner.

The group says that on December 2 it earlier reached out to Samsung  , but did not receive any proper response and now the matter will be decided at court.

Comsumentenbond blames Samsung guilty of unfair trade practices as the consumers are not informed about the proper duration of software updates at the time of purchase.

The consumer also carried out checks of different versions of Samsung smartphones held with customers and said that 82 percent of the Samsung phones were not updated within two years of their launch.


What’s do you think it must be OEM responsibility to update software or Google’s ?