Amazon may buy Xbox from Microsoft


Amazon, World’s leading online retailer is speculated to be in talks with the software giant Microsoft to acquire Xbox.

This latest rumor was brought on the social media platform, Twitter. Analysts have predicted two possibilities of this deal. The first one being the pressure inside the Microsoft to get rid of Xbox, where the second one, which seems to be more genuine, is that Amazon is eyeing to throw heavy cash into the gaming arena.

Rumors were giving clues since a few months that Microsoft is keen to wash its hands from the Xbox portfolio. If we talk to the point, the intense pressure is applied by key investors such as ValueAct, who are now feeling sick of Microsoft’s inconsistent market show. They doubt that Xbox is proving to be the Achilles heel for the technology firm.

Amazon had given several hints in the recent time that it has got plans to enter the lucrative gaming market with a bang. Earlier, Amazon was in a deal for the acquisition for latest Android- centered microconsole, but eventually it was discarded. Meanwhile, it was successful in buying Double Helix Games recently. Other speculations also claim that Amazon is planning to bring in a rival to Apple TV and Roku.

Now the million dollar question arise that will Microsoft get rid from Xbox? Since Microsoft has made major changes in its management portfolio recently, it would be a critical decision for the firm to execute. On the other hand, is the rumor about Xbox buyout by Amazon true? Amazon recently employed Lab126 and Oracle for its flagship Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD workout.

Amazon doesn’t not seem to be double minded in investing heavily in the gaming world after it acquired Double Helix Games. And with its very own R&D unit, Xbox takeover might prove to be productive for the retailer giant.

Amazon still lists iPads and other tablets alongside its own Kindle on its website. It also ships retail music CDs besides its own DRM-free mp3s.