Android tops with 84.4% of market share in Q3 2014


According to the latest Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report from IDC, Korean giant Samsung and Android are leaders on the board in the smartphone market.

Android has been the front-runner in the market. Android sales are on the brink of touching the 1.06 billion mark. It leads the list with 84.4% of market share for third quarter of 2014. Apple iOS is way far in this contest with 11.7% of smartphone OS market share for third quarter. Microsoft Windows phone platform is placed on the third spot. It has only 2.9% of the smartphone OS market share by Q3. Meanwhile, IDC forecasted that Windows phone OS is going to increase up to 5.6% market share with shipping over 105 million units by the 2018.

Android smartphone average cost has slashed up to $230 and depicts a growing trend towards low-end smartphones. On the other hand, iOS share is going to expect a hike by the end of 2014 due to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The report highlights a passive speed for the smartphone market in the coming future. Overall shipped smartphones will be nearly 1.4 billion as 2014 gets finished, thus showing an annual increase rate of 12%. This growth margin is going to shrink up to 9.8% by the end of 2018 as markets become saturated.

The IDC report also mentions the leading smartphone makers in terms of market share. Samsung is ranked number one but the company is expected to have a foggy future. It is the only firm out of the five big manufacturers which has managed to give negative yearly change, thus slipping from 32.2% to 23.7%. Apple is on the second spot with 11.7% of market share.

Chinese vendor, Xiaomi, is catching up fast in the third place and has nearly doubled its market share in contrast to 2013. IDC mentioned that Xiaomi’s Mi 4 handset was the dark horse behind the huge bulk of its sales. Xiaomi has a shipment milestone of 60 million smartphones by the closure of 2014, so one can expect it to grow further. Other players in this list are Lenovo and LG, with both companies having solid quarterly sales globally.