Another feat by Pakistanis; ITrak wins First ever Pakathon


If we say Pakistan, a budding Technology developed country then certainly it would not be wrong. There is nothing need to be sort out with our talent as consecutively individuals are already making their way out. Going through different innovational trial, our developers are putting in triumph flags nationwide as well as internationally.


Recent example has been set by ITrak, a startup created under Plan9 Incubator that has won first ever Pakathon competition.

Based on Social idea and aiming to help creating technology equipped country, ITrak is a start-up incubated under Plan9 that is continuously working to design prominent methodologies for human-computer interaction and undoubtedly this is what made them lead in Pakathon competition as well as receiving USD 2000 as prize money.

To enlighten, Pakathon is a hub organized for social entrepreneurs intended at brainstorming and presenting ideas to exploit technology for unraveling various issues in Pakistan pertaining to health, education, hostility deterrence and so on.

Pakathon was three days event organized simultaneously in Lahore, Islamabad and Boston from September 13th-15th 2013 with collaboration of Lahore University of Management Sciences and NUST. Initially, event comprised of 6 teams from around 20 Pakistani universities that destined to connect then virtually to teams and mentors from places like Harvard and MIT. Whole event was live streamed which then directed towards judges to deliberate and announce winners the next day. Appealing goodies embrace up to $10k in seed funding along with incubation at Harvard and MIT and Sloan etc. Here are winning entries included in Pakathon competition:

Obviously there have been several apps and ideas coming out from world but ITrack believe to make technology aspects approachable to all class of people in upgrading of life with convenience thus it clearly aspires to focus on building applications for people with motor disabilities.

In this regard, ITrak not only plans to present hardware to cope up with disabilities but also to the fore in devising of software to make all stuff easier to exploit. Recently, under symbol of first ever Pakathon; A Hackathon for Life, ITrak team has developed an eye mouse for physically confronted individuals facilitating them to use computers without any complication just like everyone else does. By this blinking functionality development, with limited or no hand movement, user can control the mouse and work on computers while exploiting movement of his eyes simply to surf the internet, compose e-mails and play simple games. Definitely, this novelty has made alleviate for corporally challenged people to handle all computer related stuff without being physically moved.

Here is how blinking functionality for smart glasses work:

Credential aim to hold a Pakathon is to connect entrepreneurs in Boston by entrepreneurs in Pakistan to launch projects that will absolutely impact Pakistan prosperously. However, this aim has been attained to extent as Pakistan has emerged out as a winner on this ground.

Mentioning about wonderful experience towards Pakathon initiative, Nouman Ali, Head of operations said:

Three days, virtual event, Pakathon were truly embedded with exciting ideas, actions under the guidance of mentors. This stirring event was filled with brainstorming sessions with brilliant minds and pitched in front of an amazing panel of judges from Boston. We were really excited on being introduced to Semyon Dukach, an angel investor whose aim is to mentor founders of premature stage startups that carry potential to develop the world.

These sorts of events are actually of immense need to highlight talent emerging out from our technology developers. It’s readily apparent from Pakathon perspective that this step is best towards social entrepreneurship providing our youth a great platform to present their talent with gaining of access to the market to promote their product or join larger teams for more revelation as well as leading indirectly to help society for fighting against violence and other tribulations by creating opportunities’ space with entrepreneurship aspect.

Just shortly, there have been several apps and programs came out by young developers in Pakistan and gladly that has now been at chase by technology giants. In future, we hope to have more Pakathon events on a way to make talented folks realize potential present within their selves. Other than that, ITrak like startups in distinguishing problems of disabled individuals that leads to all over facilitation, is truly an overwhelming step and we anticipate further launch is due in near future.