Anusha Rehman urged foreign investers to bid for 3G / 4G auctions


Anusha Rehman, federal minister for Information Technology has urged foreign investors to fully participate in the upcoming next generation technology auctions. She said that government will provide every possible assistance and support to potential investors.

Anusha, accompanied by the Pakistani delegation, paid an official visit to Spain on the eve of Mobile World Congress. She also came across leading telecom peripheral manufacturer Ericsson’s stall. She met with the Ericsson’s top officials and said the upcoming 3G/4G auctions comprehend a plethora of opportunities for overseas telecom firms such as Ericsson.

The Ericsson management showed keen interest in coming to Pakistan in order to explore new doors of opportunities. Ericsson also planned to re-establish its manufacturing and assembling business in Pakistan.

The Ericsson officials demonstrated the advanced network peripherals and latest next generation technologies to the Pakistani delegation.

Anusha Rehman and the delegation focused on the state-of-the-art 5G technology, power-efficient BTS deployed in road lights and wireless technologies data accelerators. These all latest technologies can be installed by the arrival of next generation technologies in Pakistan.

This year’s MWC was attended by more than 100,000 delegates and officials from the technology, IT and policy makers and other walks of life from all over the world.