Apple acquired 8.3 percent market share


Market research firm Gartner has disclosed its figures for the last year which indicates that almost 1.8 billion handheld set were sold worldwide. US handset giant Apple acquired 8.3 percent market share. In 2012, apple accounted for 7.5 percent share market.

Consumer Electronics heavyweight, Samsung is spotted at the second place on the list as it grabbed 2.6 percent for the 2013 session to gain 24.6 percent of the share market. Other Korean smartphone maker LG and a number of Chinese tech giants like Huawei, TCL, Lenovo, and Yulong, along with Japanese manufacturer Sony all extracted boost from 0.3 to 1.6 percent to their market shares. However, none of them was able to pass the 4 percent mark in the market.

The major reason behind these handset firms’ collections was the new Microsoft owned Nokia, whose market share was slashed about 5.2 percent annually in 2013 and rounded off to 13.9 percent. Chinese telecom vendor ZTE was the second company in list of leading 10 firms which was deprived of its shares, loosing 0.6 percent to end at 3.3 percent.

Almost 53.5 percent of the global handset market in the last year was occupied by smartphones.

Anushal Gupta, principle analyst at Gartner ” As Apple took over Japanese NTT DOCOMO last year in September and inked an agreement with world’s largest telecom operator China Mobile, we can clearly experience a beef up in the Japanese market and its outcomes of previous agreement will soon be obvious in Q1 of this ongoing year”.

Smartphone shipments boost for last year’s Q4 rose by 96.1 % in the MEA and Africa, Far East Asia and Eastern European territories. India remained the top growing country with a phenomenal 166.8 percent rise, whereas China rose by 86.3 percent as a nation in 2013.

Apple dominated in all the leading smartphone markets of these three regions.

At the end of 2013, Apple was in a major deal with the Chinese telecom giant, China Mobile. This was the first-ever such deal between Apple and Chinese counterparts. Other than that, Apple is also trying to grab its market share in the Indian markets by providing a plethora of discounts and payment schemes.