Apple deals IBM to create over 100 apps


The ice of enmity between US smartphone giant Apple and leading chip maker Intel Corporation has started to melt as both the heavyweights have joined hands to ink an agreement after their famous 1984 advert.

According to this agreement, Apple is entitled to design specifically customized applications for IBM’s business customers.

Apple and Intel had been in a row since a long time but now they have realized to patch up things. IBM no longer develops hardware peripherals whereas Apple has achieved a fresh passion and overall feel. Its executive is an ex IBM staff member.

This landmark pact is going to drive Apple and IBM into creating more than 100 applications for a number of fields. In this way, Apple also gets a golden chance to sell its iOS gadgets to more and more project clients. In spite of the fact that majority of the Fortune 500 entities utilize Apple hardware, there is surely some contest to be seen.

On the IBM part, it is going to aid Apple with the analytical skills, security and management services they require. It will also assist shipments of devices, which will be equipped with this personalized by default. In contrast to Apple, IBM is an enterprise firm basically and offers the technical skills and expertise which is not confined to Apple.

To honor this major deal, a new website has also been designed. User might look forward to these tailored iOS devices to release with the upcoming launch of iOS.

So far, nearly 33 percent of entire iPad shipments are via enterprises. As the time passes by, the shipments will grow and the contest will escalate as the tablet market will see a tremendous rise to outperform PCs in terms of market share.

Unlike its past stubbornness, Apple has realized to cope up with its past opponents, thus making it sure that they pave the way of their ever-growing success.