Apple to develop some innovative techniques to safeguard users


US smartphone behemoth Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has said that they have got plans to develop some new and innovative techniques in a bid to safeguard its users’ data and information along with avert hacking on iPad, iPhone and Mac whereby they will be declared when iCloud data is retrieved, passwords are changed or a new device logs into an account for the first time.

With the provision of this security protocol, customers would be alarmed through their respective emails and push messages on their cellular devices when any kind of variations are made to their accounts, as per the reports from tech website, the Verge.

Tim Cook addressed this serious issue following a report which showcased hundreds of exposed images of high-profile celebrities comprising of Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande, which were hacked via Apple’s iCloud services.

Apple, meanwhile, has discarded this allegation that user’s confidential data can be breached possibly due to security loopholes in its system but claimed that these stars were particularly aimed by hackers.
For now, both FBI and Apple are have made their statements that they will probe this leak in order to make this allegations clear.