Apple and electric auto maker Tesla held secret meeting


According to the latest claims from the San Francisco Chronicle, US technology firm Apple’s collection head Adrian Perica arranged a meeting with the executive of electric auto maker Tesla, Elon Musk in April 2013.


Adnan Ahmad, a banking analyst in Germany, asked Apple last October to put some hefty cash in Tesla in a bid optimize the Apple credibility and growth profile.

Adnan urged Apple to join hands with Tesla and get a new mainstream fellow to put Appleā€™s efforts in the right direction.

Other speculations also suggest that Apple is putting its hands in a plethora of businesses like healthcare technology, particularly in heart attacks prediction devices.

The genius behind the THX and 10.2 surround sound, Tomlinson Holman, has been hired by Apple on order to do research on the sound of blood when it stream down arteries.

Last month Apple disclosed its quarterly fiscal figures, which indicates that the company has invested $525 million on such agreements. This amount turns out to be nearly twice of the investment Apple threw in such deals in 2012.

Apple is keen to get into the world of healthcare and electric cars which highlights that it wants to integrate its innovation far beyond than only developing household electronics.

In the past, Apple has shown its desire to get an entry in the automobile market by announcing agreements with several automobile giants like Daimler, Mercedes, BMW and Honda to produce intelligent dashboards powered with iOS, as featured in iPads and iPhones.

Earlier, it had partnered with Audi, Tesla and Toyota for map technology shipments.