Apple and Google dominates American market ComScore revealed


The new survey from ComScore reveals that the mobile phone battlefield is presently dominated by the US giants Apple and Google Corporation.

Apple possesses an incomparable 41.6 shares in the American market for the last three months of previous year and acts as a front-runner in the US markets, as per the data from the research firm. Previously, the best market shares of Apple were 40.6 percent that were recorded in October, last year. Korean smartphone behemoth Samsung followed Apple with a reasonable 26.7 percent market share whereas fellow consumer electronics maker LG captured the third place with a share market of 6.9 percent in the US smartphone arena.

On the contrary, Apple couldn’t manage to reach the top spot on the OS category as Google’s Android operating system is unbeatable in this arena. Android managed to get almost half (51.7 %) of the American smart devices market. Apple’s iOS was catching up with 41.6 percent market share, according to the ComScore figures. Other major competitors such as Microsoft Windows and BlackBerry platform was way behind in the OS race as they could grasp merely 3.2 % and 3.1 % of the market.

Apart from that, Apple also enjoyed a 1 percent boost in the manufacturing market share for the aforesaid duration. Samsung was able to get a 1.3 % increase whereas Google’s Android was thrashed of 5 percent shares in the US market.

ComScore also surveyed the favorite web pages for smartphone explorers. This time around, search engine Google, was the pick of the contenders with a 90 percent penetration in the American cell phone consumers. Social media giant, Facebook was admired by 87 percent mobile users while Yahoo attracted 86.2 percent of the consumers. Amazon grasped 69 percent of the consumers to search the web through its platform.