Apple, Google Microsoft and Samsung in a run for wrist watches


Telecom giants like Apple, Google Microsoft and Samsung are endeavoring hard to make some new technology that would change the things around. PCs, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones and now wear ables such as wrist watches and glasses are also making its way to the market. These firms are planning to announce their innovations as soon as possible to grab the vast technology markets all over the world.

google watch

Research firm Canalys speculated about 500,000 smart watches shipments this year, but then almost 5m next year with the entry of Apple, Samsung, Google and other technology companies alongside traditional watch-manufacturers.

Rival IDC even claims that the advent of wearables (including watches) could slash tablet markets in the coming years.


Rumors about Apple suggest that it has been developing a smart watch for some time now. Apple registered for iWatch as a trademark in Japan in June ignited these speculations.

New York Times reports claimed that the American firm had been working on devices for wristwatches which are glass made and runs on iOS software.

Recent reports also said that two companies, Quanta and Inventec, had won the bid for making Apple’s inaugural smart watch.


Samsung also seems to be in the run for making smart watches. Its smart watch will be called as the Galaxy Gear. This innovation by the Korean giant will be revealed on 4 September at the eve of the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Germany.

The expected device will be designed in accordance to Samsung’s Galaxy lineup of Android smartphones.


Authentic sources claim that Google silently developed a smart watch facility called Wimm Labs last year. The company had unveiled its WIMM One smart watch in 2011 before closing it in 2012 due to “an exclusive, personal relationship for our technology”.

The Financial Times reported earlier this year about Google’s workout on a smart watch project within Android OS, and cited a patent application by it from 2011.