Apple iPhone 6 will impact Japnese and Taiwanese market


Apple so far hasn’t publicly declared its suppliers for upcoming iPhone 6. But analysts expect companies from South Korea, Taiwan,and Japan that were earlier involved in the supply of iPhone 5s and 5c to produce displays like microprocessors and camera lenses will be the one . Already, few of these companies have posted  increased earnings or forecasts.


In contrast to Apple Asian suppliers have a number of smartphone customers but in most of other regions Apple is the biggest customer.

In Japan, sources reported that upcoming iPhone could raise country’s electronics exports by 5 percent.

Taiwan’s export orders,on the other hand showed strongest results in 17 months in June.Anita Hsu, Masterlink Investment Advisory economist said that “The jump of the output of semiconductors is 100% related to the iPhone launch,”. Japan Display and LG Display of South Korea are currently the the largest suppliers of iPhone displays, which are the most expensive part of the device. Catcher Technology Co of Taiwan are producers of iPhone’s metal casing, another expensive component. Largan Precision Co of Taiwan also makes camera lenses for iPhone. South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co has furnished the required memory chips and microprocessors for the upcoming iPhone 6.