Apple iPhone declared security threat in China


Apple iPhone has been declared as threat to Chinese National security. The “frequent locations” function, which gathers users location information,could be utilized to gather “extremely sensitive data,said MA Ding who is director at Institute of Security and internet. In an interview on Friday Ding said that even state secrets can be gathered through iPhone frequent location function.

The iPhone location feature gathers information about users most visited most often areas to improve travel advice. In an interview broadcast on Friday, Ma said “One can know places user visited, sites he conducted interviews, and even know topics he is working: political and economic,”.

iPhone frequent locations function is available in its latest iOS 7, released in September 2013.

This is not the first time Apple has been disputed in China, where smartphones running Google’s Android are now dominating.

Apple also lost a lawsuit against a Chinese regulator over voice recognition “Siri” patent rightsust this week.

It is expected that the current allegations will badly impact iPhone sales in China.