Apple iwatch coming in October will feature 11 sensors


US handset heavyweight Apple’s arrival at the much-awaited wearable arena is now anticipated to be around this October, but Apple has a new contender in the ring this time. According to the fresh speculations, software giant Microsoft is planning to come up with its very own wearable. However, it will be much more different and unique in shape as compared to the Google’s smartwatch.


Recently, rumors claimed that Microsoft was working on a smartwartch compatible with the iPhone. Meanwhile, Tom Hardware highlighted the design and shape of the device upon its arrival at the market with a plethora of sensors.

The rumors speculate that iWatch will feature almost 10 sensors, while Microsoft is going to envelope 11 in its smartwatch. Divergent from the way of Samsung and LG, Microsoft is making rather fat watch bands and bulky wrist screen panels for a slimmer design that appears to be identical to a “thinner, flatter model of the Nike Fuelband.”

The idea about the structure and functions of encapsulated sensors is still out of speculations at the moment, but Microsoft is rumored to utilize assorted chips from Texas Instruments, Atmel and some others also. The smartwatch will be platform-free and will track heart rate and sync that information to all your gadgets continuously.

In the likes of all these new innovations, the most incredible buzz is that Microsoft doesn’t want smartwatches to appear as a typical smartwatch from any angle. The software mammoth has planned to insert the device’s screen on the inner side of the wrist in rather than outside. In this manner, it looks more natural to twist your palm up to experience the watch screen, instead of flashing your messages and alerts on the outside of the wrist which can also be easily seen by others.