Apple iWatch release is much anticipated on Sept 9


As the month of September prevails, excitement and expectations were at its apex regarding the launch of much-awaited and much-anticipated Apple’s iWatch on Sept. 9. But the latest reports are claiming that the iWatch is facing a long pause and it won’t be able to make it to the global markets until 2015.

However, Apple is still expected to declare the launch of its upcoming smart watch and its branding on Sept. 9, when Apple unleashes its next-generation iPhone 6.

These latest news of iWatch delay must be disappointing for the Apple enthusiasts as they must have expecting dual launch at the very same time, i.e. an iPhone and iWatch. Past projections were pretty sure about the launch of the watch at the same time as the phone in a bid to confront the dominance of South Korean duo, Samsung and LG, who are both entitled to unleash their latest smart watches later this year.
John Paczkowski claims that the watch will be unveiled along with the iPhone 6 this September, but it presumably won’t make it to the global fronts until the springs of 2015.

When we look back at Apple’s timeline, this idea seems to be identical when Apple first launched the iPhone and iPad, as they didn’t arrived at market until a couple of weeks prior to their release from the company. This could be a similar strategy to get users interested in the latest smart watch ahead of its launch.

The wearable market has seen a huge boost and is now rendered as a lucrative and productive field since the past couple of years, with Samsung leading from the front with a plethora of timepiece launches, and fellow tech firm LG also unveiling its G Watch at the start of 2014.Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak termed wearables as “a hard sell,” albeit he is optimistic that Apple can compete in this line of technology.