Apple iWatch will carry iOS 8.2 with price tag of $350


The rumors about the much-anticipated and awaited iWatch from smartphone giant Apple has been gaining popularity among enthusiasts when the revelations about Apple Watch surfaced last September. But now Apple boss, Tim Cook, has made it vivid that it will finally hit the market shelves in the April of 2015.

The company executive mentioned a number of things regarding iWatch by saying that, “Users will find it very exciting and innovative when they experience the creativity and software innovation under the hood of Apple Watch. The creation and development for the Apple Watch is right on time.”

The upcoming inaugural iWatch is anticipated to operate with the iOS 8.2 and will bear a handsome price tag of nearly $350 for the initial variant. Analysts and market watchdogs are also predicting that the iWatches sales will cross the 3 million units hurdle in the inaugural fiscal year.

The Watch was supposed to act as its most personal device as Apple mentioned. It is going to feature three unique configurations: Standard, Sport and Edition, and two different sizes: 38 mm and 42 mm.
As far as the main problem with wearbles nowadays, which is its battery life, is concerned, Apple has employed its traditional inductive charging. It is also supported by handset such as iPhones 5 and the latest iPhone 6. A survey at the end of 2014 highlighted the Apple’s iWatch as one of the 25 inventions of the year by Time, which is such an incredible and encouraging announcement for the company. However, the arrival of this high-end and revolutionary will prove its worth among its competitors.