Apple is keen to work with Samsung to develop mobile processors


Anonymous sources from inside Samsung have claimed that Apple is keen to work with its Smartphone foe Samsung for the development of its Smartphone processors. The source also pointed that both the firms have made a deal and are currently working on the mass production of these chips. In the latter half of 2014, Apple is speculated to launch its next flagship intelligent device alongside its next A8 silicon chip.

Both the companies have been in a bitter relationship since 2010 when Apple accused Samsung of patent infringements. Both of smartphone giants have dragged each` other couple of times to the courts in several countries around the globe. Samsung has been in the lead role in the provision of Appleā€™s most significant A-series chipsets aimed for its iconic iPhones.

On the other hand, Apple also asked for its expertise from Taiwan-centered TSMC, for the production of its low-profile processors. Analysts were considering TMSC as the descendant of Samsung for the development of A-series for Apple. There are now various reports which claim that Apple has considered giving its A8 chips order to TSMC, which will give it a second preference role and lessen its reliability on the Korean consumer electronics heavyweight.

TMSC has been connected to Apple before this recent agreement of manufacturing its A8 silicon. Prior to that, it has assisted Apple in designing and developing the A6X and A7 processor chips and ousted Samsung from the Texas production facility. Samsung is now only having a contract, useless of being considered as a prime deal.