Apple, Microsoft, and few tech giants sues Google and its Android mates


A patent-troll initiated by Apple, Microsoft, and a plethora of other tech giants is suing Google and a handful of its Android mates, including Samsung, HTC, Asustek, and LG.

google sue

The petition was brought up on Thursday by a minnow firm called the Rockstar Consortium, according to the Reuters report. Rockstar is a new start-up firm. It’s a joint venture of five tech behemoths — Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Sony, and Ericsson — and it’s chartered to retrieve the $4.5 billion these firms funded collectively in making its patent collection.

Rockstar was formed in 2011, when Google and Intel together came short of high-profile bidding quest to acquire the remains of Canadian telecom giant Nortel’s patent case.

The firm didn’t comment on this matter initially, but in the past year, Rockstar CEO John Veschi said that “pretty much” all technology enterprises violated his huge collection of almost 4,500 patents. “It would be tough for me to envisage that some high-tech firms out there don’t use some of the patents in our list,” he added.

Rockstar hire a number of ex-Nortel engineers who workout in an Ottawa reverse-engineering labs cleaning the tech world for breaching products.

In the case brought in the court on Thursday, Rockstar accused Google, Asustek, HTC, Huawei, LG, Pantech, Samsung and ZTE. Court papers clearly disclose that the firm has build two subsidiaries — namely Mobilestar and Netstar — possibly to aim its patent licensing business in several regions. The claimed one subsidiary is presumably for mobile and the other one is for internet technologies.