Apple has published its inaugural diversity report


US smartphone giant Apple has published its inaugural diversity report by following the footsteps of its fellow tech firms such as Google and Facebook.

When we got through these stats, we can clearly observe that Apple is bombarded by white workforce and men. But when we penetrate closely in to it, it discloses that a large number of blacks and Hispanics employees are working at Apple in contrast to other companies.

The report highlights that more than half (55 %) of Apple’s US-centered staff is white. That’s almost the same when we compare it with other contemporary firms where it lies between 50 percent to 60 percent mark. However, the Asian workforce in Apple seems smaller, 15 percent, in contrast to 30 percent at Google and 39 percent at Yahoo.

In addition to that, blacks and Hispanics also possess a major share in its workforce, who together sum up for 18 percent of Apple’s US officials. The contradiction between Apple and its rival tech companies can likely be confined to its decisive retail workforce. That result is better assisted by Apple figures revealing that blacks and Hispanics are more highly represented in non-tech units.

Irrespective of the encouraging minority employment stats, CEO Tim Cook suggests that Apple has a lot more to achieve. Mr. Cook mentioned in a statement that, “I’m not happy with these statistics rather we’ve been trying hard to optimize these numbers.

“Our theory of diversity is a much bigger collection of the ritual groups of race, gender, and ethnicity. It comprises of individual standards that are far beyond considerations, such as sexual orientation, veteran status, and disabilities. We are more focused in celebrating that diversity and investing more in it”, Cook added.