Apple and Samsung agrees to resolve outstanding disputes


The two leading and arch rival giants of the smartphone throne namely Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics have now decided to resolve their eternal international patent fight in a more respectable and responsible manner.

A report has given hints that both of the heavyweights have apprehended the Vanessa of years of patent lawsuits. In this regard, both the enterprises have shared a joint press release verifying that they have willing to an armistice outside the North American Continent.

apple samsung

As per the deal, Apple and Samsung have decided to withdraw all lawsuits between the two firms other than the US. This pact does not comprise any licensing arrangements, and both the firms are proceeding to complete the current cases in U.S. courts.

In the light of this fresh truce, both the entities are obliterating litigation in several countries across the globe namely South Korea, Japan and Germany, to name a few. While this announcement will certainly pour some water of the fire of enmity between the two foes of tech arena, however, the companies have substantial cases pending in the United States.

The patent petitions between the firms kicked off from Apple’s accusations a couple of years back that Samsung intentionally duplicated the iPhone design and a number of software credentials in order to grab the lost ground in the smartphone market. In its answer, Samsung alleged Apple that it breached a plethora of its wireless transmission patents.