Apple and Samsung in Top 20 as Xiaomi follows


According to the revelations from Nick Spencer, senior practice director, ABI Research, Korean smartphone giant Samsung and US behemoth Apple consume the majority of the leading 20 smartphone models shipped in the first quarter all over the globe. The premium handsets sitting on the smartphone throne are the iPhone 5s 16GB and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 16GB. Samsung is the front runner in the global handset market with an overall share of 27%.

Other rival handset makers such as Sony and LG come in the top 20 line-up. Meanwhile, Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone startup has made an incredible jump to reach this list for the first time in its history. Fellow Chinese mobile manufacturer couldn’t hold to maintain its spot in the top 20 cell phones. The Chinese mobile phone producer Xiaomi has shown its flying colors with its flagship device dubbed as the Redmi, currently available outside of China, and at a reasonable price of $130,” added Spencer.

Apple and Samsung have outrun all other competitors in the shipment category due to its aggressive market strategies and enormous marketing budgets. However, ABI Research forecasts that Huawei and troubled Taiwanese device maker HTC will regain its lost pride to reach the top 20 ranks with a powerful entry of its mainstream smartphones namely the HTC One M8 and the Huawei Ascend P7, in the second quarter of this ongoing year.

Spencer also commended the consistency of Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4s in the top five lists, thus making it the frontline smartphones in terms of strong brand and lucrative feedback, which lacks in other vendor’s devices.