Apple has shown interest in buying Vietnam’s firm FPT Corporation


US smartphone heavyweight, Apple has shown its interest in buying Vietnam’s largest listed information and communication firm, FPT Corporation. Apple is keen to penetrate in the third world tech markets by acquiring their local communication organizations. Vietnam, in this regard, is termed as a massive market with enormous potential subscriber strength for the technology sector. Apple Inc aims to takeover its arch rival Samsung in sales in the part of the globe with this takeover due to the fact that Apple Inc devices are rendered as a status symbol here and users will surely purchase its products.


Haslinda Amin from Bloomberg mentioned Apple’s latest links and strategies in Southeastern part of Asia, particularly Vietnam. She highlighted that FPT Corp is an authentic reseller in Vietnam and now Apple has joined hands with it in the country to give its sales a firm rise. She also indicated that Apple has also similar plans for other Far East Asian nations.

In Vietnam, average monthly wages are almost $228 and users choose Apple products as their prime choice due to its enchanting and gracious appearance. The work now Apple Inc needs to do is to opt for intelligent marketing tactics all over the Southeast Asian territory, Vietnam in particular, to regain the lost market due to Android’s dominance and popularity. Android devices consume a major share in the Vietnamese cellular market due to its cost-effective, user friendly and readily available products.
Bloomberg’s figures mentioned that a phenomenal rise of 56% in the smartphone sales was recorded in Vietnam, thus clearly revealing the caliber and potential of the local market. Apple CEO, Tim Cook announced in March that iPhone shipments rose by 262 percent in Apple’s fiscal first six months in Vietnam. If Apple Inc) is successful in unveiling domestic reselling and facilities outlets for its products in Vietnam and other neighboring nations, it will definitely achieve a top position in the local market to beat its rivals.