Apple stands at second spot in US Smartphone market


The latest survey from Counterpoint Research indicates that US smartphone maker Apple Inc. stands at second spot in the United States Smartphone market. The overall share market of Apple stood at 29.7% for Q2. The top rank in the American market, once again belonged to the Korean smartphone behemoth Samsung, who managed to grab almost 36.1%. Apple recorded 25.9% share in the market for the similar duration of 2013.

Fellow Korean handset manufacturer LG was promoted to the third spot with 11% market share. If we combine the share of Apple and Samsung, both giants encompassed nearly two-thirds of US smartphone sales in the previous quarter. Counterpoint also mentioned that the Galaxy S5′s shipments volume in the U.S. was almost half more in comparison to the Galaxy S4 last year, thus turning the U.S. market “the lone winning place for Samsung this ongoing quarter.”

With AT&T, Apple was the dominating selling brand, whereas Samsung was the front-runner at Verizon and Sprint. Apple has been underperforming at heart possibility because of the deficiency in its innovation and creativity department, thus severely affecting its market share. It should be noted that Apple is losing shares in two of its flagship product segments, iPhones and iPads due to the inundated market. However, Smartphones might not have reached to its level of saturation; it is showing slashing sales of 295 million units in Q2 of this ongoing year.

Strategy analyst Linda Sui is of the opinion that the Apple is undoubtedly the leading brand in the market, but when it comes to volumes, Samsung and LG steals the show drastically. Sui also thinks that Apple is the front-runner in high- product line-up, but lacks this winning form in the mass market, where Android platform rules. Despite the fact that Samsung and LG are showing their flying colors in the premium market, there is no question about their domination in the short-term, Sui added.

Apple meanwhile is concerned about the lowering volumes and taking steps to reverse the trend. Whether Apple can revive the slipping shares in the smartphone market and tablet segment by injecting the new wave of innovation is yet to be seen.