Apple and Swatch working together to release smartwatches


Apple and Swatch has been working together to release a line of smartwatches with various price points.Apple is aiming to push its iOS, iTunes, and Health Kit ecosystems to iWatches of mllions of wrists.The Swatch Group has been around since 1980s with its goofy plastic wrist adornments. The Swiss conglomerate is currently the leading watchmaker in the world, with market of $33.5 billion, and with 18 different brand names.


Sources suggest that Swatch may be working on a number of smartwatches that bear Apple brand. It is revealed by some sources that Apple might be working with Timex on one or more smartwatches. Timex  has already an Ironman brand as fitness watches, that contains the multiple biometric sensors in its band.

Apple smartwatches are likely not to contain cellular radio like recent smartwatches from LG, Samsung, and Motorola,  Apple watches, are likely to rely on Bluetooth low-power to communicate with smartphones.

Apple is not just a tech but is becoming a more fashion icon as recently it partnered Nike for fitness tracking technology incorporation into its iPods and iPhones. If we see Wristwatches they cost anywhere from $5 to over $5 million. Vecheron Constantin is selling for $1.3 million.

Apple to boost its wristwatch has hired a number of famous brands executives over the last few months. This includes Patrick Pruniaux, hire who is TAG Heuer’s former vice-president of sales and retail. Apple also hired Angela Ahrendts of mainstream fashion brand CEO Burberry’s.