Apple’s CarPlay will be part of 24 million vehicles by 2019


Apple’s CarPlay system is expected to be part of 24 million vehicles by 2019. Vehicles with state of the art Apple’s CarPlay infotainment system are in the pipe line of manufacturing phase and assembly lines. Within next five years CarPlay could become the top of the line car platform in the world, with well over 24 million cars getting the Cupertino’s dashboard system.


A number of leading car manufacturers like Hyundai, Volvo, Swedish premium automobile manufacturer and Audi, German automobile manufacturer are partnering with Apple to get the CarPLay on its cars dashboards. ABI Research estimates that iby 2019 the vehicles using CarPlay will be more than using MirrorLink. MirrorLink is a popular device interoperability solution that offers integration of a smartphone to car’s infotainment system. MirrorLink transforms your smartphones into the automotive application platforms.

Mirror-linkApple’s CarPlay solution has a great feature of using your voice commands to instruct your car and a large touchscreen helps easy interaction with apps like Messages,Mail,Music and Maps. The interface is designed such that while you don’t have to keep your eyes off the road. Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari,  and other leading automakers have already shown off vehicles with CarPlay. Mercedes-Benz is the first car that has Apple’s CarPlay. Google on the other hand offers its own solution named, Android Auto. Like Carplay (supports iOS devices)  Android Auto only supports Android devices.


For Volvo, Carplay will be part of its vehicle XC90 SUV where as Mercedes-Benz recently announced to Demo CarPlay at Geneva automobile show in its new Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Google on the other hand claims that it has already signed up 40 partners to have Android Auto. But just few demos have been announced so far.