Audi AG has produced more sedans than BMW in 2013


German exotic car manufacturer Audi AG has produced more sedans than fellow car maker BMW to claim the top spot in the list of luxury car shipments in 2014 all over the planet.


Throughout the second month of this ongoing year, Audi shipped more than 242,400 cars, as per the stats revealed by the company. In 2013, BMW enjoyed the front seat with a lead of 429 cars in comparison to that of Audi. BMW held the first place in the rankings for nine consecutive years.

The shipments from Audi surged up by a phenomenal 43 percent in the last month, propelled by escalating demands for its world-class A3 compact. Its Q7 SUV also experienced a healthy growth of 32 percent in the aforesaid duration.

Other fellow auto giant like The Volkswagen AG couldn’t manage to pull off the top position for almost 12 months. The firm has announced to unleash as many as 17 latest cars in this year, comprising of its iconic TT sports car. Volkswagen AG has shown its dedication to insert some $30.4 billion in the auto industry over the upcoming half a decade to get the lead in exotic-car shipments on yearly basis.

The CEO Rupert Stadler said,” We are aimed at expanding our network and shipments all over het planet comprising of Europe”.

On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz, a world-class and reputed automaker came at the third place as far as luxury-car sales are concerned. The most-advance and top-notch technology from Mercedes-Benz makes the battle more intense for all the German automobile makers. The shipments of Mercedes has seen a jump of 17 percent, with thanks largely to the mounting demands of its CLA coupe and remodeled super-hit S-Class cars. These iconic models have managed to grab the record deliveries in 2013 and aims to carry on the winning streak for at least five more odd years.

Analysts are of the view that Mercedes-Benz will add some extra fire to the burning automobile battleground where BMW and Audi are already cutting off each other throats for the survival.

Last week, BMW anticipated its deliveries, comprising of the Rolls Royce and Mini brands. It claimed that it will cross the 2 million mark in 2014. The company has also shown signs to upgrade the acclaimed X5 SUV and a plethora of new sedans. Such tactic might give a decisive edge to the company as other arch rivals are also gaining momentum to get the top place in the automobile arena.

A closer look at the figures highlights that the VW marque delivered 9.3 percent surplus sedans in January and February of 2014. In contrast, BMW was able to fetch an 8.9 percent growth rate.

The latest forecast from research firm IHS Automotive mention that BMW will lead the chase with more than 1.77 million deliveries, leaving behind Audi with 1.66 million cars and Mercedes will manage to craft 1.56 million machines.