Australian blogger disclosed image of upcoming iPhone


The rumor windmill is spinning in its full swing as an Australian blogger has disclosed an image of the upcoming iPhone having a massive sized 5.5-inch display screen.

The blogger named Sonny Dickson published a snapshot of the much-anticipated phone alongside a 4.7-inch variant. The blogger has been a genuine predictor when he anticipates about upcoming devices. However, a considerable difference between the two smartphone can be seen as both are termed as dummy models.

If the predictions of this image are reliable, then it will again reveal that Apple is going to come up with two models of its upcoming handset.

The smartphone heavyweight has been in the news for some time now as the release of next flagship device is coming nearer and nearer. Apple might be targeting the phablet sector of the smartphone market as they are growing popularity due to its attractive design such as phablets from Samsung under the name of Galaxy Note.

In 2013, he revealed bona fide images of the latest iPhone before its launch and it turned out to be exact as predicted by Dickson.

Another series of leaked pictures came from Weibo user Jimmy Lin, who speculated that the next iPhone will be loaded with a thumb scan secure technology and wireless charging and is going to hit the market shelves somewhere in this ongoing year.Meanwhile some of the contributors in the leaked images predicted that Apple is designing new plastic dressing for its devices that lets user to see the inside of the smartphone.