BBM might take On Whatsapp but you have to wait till September


BlackBerry’s BBM,the instant messaging application for Apple’s IOS and for Google’s Android won’t come on June 27, 2013 as different rumors suggested earlier.BlackBerry formally known as RIMS official sources now indicates that BBM would come some where in the end of summer. However, some sources also suggests that few Android handsets may arrive before with BlackBerry’s BBM pre-installed.


  The official BBM for Android is set to come late-September 2013..

Sunil Lalvani, MD of BlackBerry India,sometimes back said that BB fans may expect BBM for Android to arrive in next couple of months.

BBM, for most of Blackberry users is one of most unerring USPs of the BlackBerry over the last few years. BB IM service BBM has been a great attraction for the users.

 BBM is expected to take On popular IM services like WhatsApp, Viber as well as iMessage as far as Google Play Store and iOS App Store are concerned.