Bill Gates says Satya Nadella is most appropriate choice for CEO Microsoft


Software and technology behemoth, Microsoft has finally found Steve Ballmer’s successor in the name of Satya Nadella. It took almost 5-months to get a suitable CEO for the world’s leading software firm.

New boss, Satya Nadella is an Indian-born business professional. He is the maiden overseas Microsoft executive and the third Microsoft CEO.

The company also announced that Bill Gates was appointed as its technology consultant and John Thompson was given its chairman seat.

Nadella has been working with the Microsoft for the last 20 years. He made his entry to Microsoft in 1992 while pursuing his master’s degree in business.

Earlier, Satya was working in the capacity of EVP Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division, which was responsible for framing and operating the firm’s computing business, developer tools and cloud facilities. The Cloud Services Group’s earnings rose from $16 billion, back in 2011.

Bill Gates, Microsoft’s founder and board of director’s member stated,

“Satya Nadella is the most appropriated choice to become the new face of Microsoft during this wave of transformation.”

Mr. Nadella also expressed his gratitude by saying, “Microsoft has been the front-runner and dominating force in revolutionizing the world via innovation and technology, and I couldn’t feel gladder and honored to have been selected for the role of company’s CEO.”

Nadella, now turned 46, was born in Hyderabad, India. He fancied playing cricket and was a member of his school’s team. “I guess playing cricket was very influential in teaching me more about team work and leadership attributes that has played a pivotal role in my career.” He added.

The enterprise and Office services and apps are acquiring huge revenues for the firm. Nadella emphasize this strength impressively, but he will now have to prove that he was the right choice for this post.