BlackBerry A10 dubbed Aristo features leaked


Some the features of the new BlackBerry A10 dubbed Aristo had been leaked yesterday, which predicts the Canadian handset maker is planning to reboot its Z10.the leaked snaps of this phone show that it is powered by BlackBerry version


The leaked BlackBerry A10 is going to have a 5-inch Super AMOLED screen with 1280 x 720 pixel density. It will also feature a dual-core processor and an isolated graphics processor, something that the firm has added to its new smartphones. A 2GB of RAM is also added to the phone. The leaked phone is equipped with a touch screen instead of typical keyboard a greater emphasize is given to gaming and power functions. This time the company has deigned it sleeker and thinner than its previous Z10 model. The rear of the device is identical to other BlackBerry devices like Q10. The back is slightly more round than other phones.

Along this handset, another BlackBerry 9720, a Q10 redesign was also leaked. The BlackBerry 9720 is said to be more identical to the 9700.

In the recent times, BlackBerry seemed to be in a trouble with its executives, and it is not getting fixed. The Wall Street Journal reports that it lost two software executives recently. T.A. McCann , a VP who was responsible for BBM and social networking apps left the firm two weeks ago. Marc Gingras, who was overseeing the BlackBerry 10 Hub and made the acquisition, reportedly said goodbye in “recent days.”

BlackBerry still didn’t comment on these gossips but the Journal claims that both McCann and Gingras left the firm with their own free will. It is not a good and suitable time for BlackBerry to get rid of its triumph cards as it is stumbling in rough financial straits.