Blackberry is developers top choice platform after IOS and Android


Blackberry is still in the run for top platform as application developers choice after leading two platforms Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. RIM is expected to make a major comeback in smartphone market after the launch of BB10 platform. BB10 adds many advantages like high security features various and huge number of applications that will defiantly attract consumers.

RIM’s new platform, the BlackBerry 10 Operating System is due to be released on 30 January. RIM’s new line up of device will see a completely new and revamped Operating System with no QWERTY keypads.

And according to RIM’s VP for Developer Relations, RIM received over 15,000 applications for its upcoming BlackBerry 10 store.


Vision Mobile Analysts today revealed their analysis which are based on annual survey of almost 3460 mobile apps developers worldwide. The report says that the gap between tablets and smartphones has been narrowed HTML5 is gaining popularity and and has shown some progress.

The report adds that apps developers top most platform choice is Apple’s operating system IOS with 48% of user’s interest. Android being runner up is at 44 percent. Although Android smartphones are the most popular and posted top most sales but as far user’s engagement is concerned iOS is the leader and is a good testing platform for new products.

RIM behind the two main platforms sits at 38 percent of developers choice at is at third place. Microsoft’s Windows Phone and HTML5 with a gap of least 10 per cent is lagging behind. Symbian, the OS of many handsets has declined and placed as “gap filler” with Adobe’s Flash and Java.
Google’s Android is still the best operating system and with improvement of 4 per cent is at 72 percent; Apple’s iOS following is at 56 percent with decline of 5 percent. RIM at 16 percent is at fifth behind HTML5 at 50 percent.Microsoft Windows Phone is at 21 per cent.

Vision Mobile also highlighted that developers are also turning to development of applications for tablets in addition to the smartphones. Overall, 86 per cent of developers have turned to tablets for apps development and it is led by developing apps for iPads.

Most of the developers about 38 percent promote their apps via advertisements. The Ad figure is up by 5 per cent from previous year’s survey. Google’s AdMob is the top most choice developers opt for as Ad network with almost 65 percent of developers first choice.