BlackBerry is reported to sell 40 million smartphones in 2013


According to DigiTimes, BlackBerry is reported to sell a huge number of smartphones in 2013, reaching almost 40 million.


The troubled Smartphone firm — which is in the third place after Apple’s flagship iPhone and Google’s Android platform — has enjoyed a decent increase in its sales this quarter.

The stock shares declined for BlackBerry by 2 percent in spite of this consoling news. The stock shares grew about 23 percent in 2013.

It might be a big challenge for Blackberry 10, iOS 7 or any other system to compete as market is flooded with Android devices. Besides Apple is leading the U.S. market by producing its iconic smartphones, their market shares are behind Android.

Google, last year, announced that almost 1.3 million Android devices got activated every day.

Apple claims to sell whooping 30 million iPhones per month at the same time. The firm shipped more than these numbers over the last two quarters but the sales are said to decrease due to the much awaited iPhone 5S.

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