BlackBerry Q10 review: a great QWERTY keyboard phone


BlackBerry Q10 is the second BlackBerry phone to have the BlackBerry10 OS. In contrast to the BlackBerry Z10 – the Q10 will attract hardcore BlackBerry users with its hardware QWERTY keyboard. In BlackBerry Q10 review we look at how that keyboard plays with BlackBerry’s new world.

BlackBerry Q10: hardware and specifications

The Q10 has a 3.1in display that is 25 percent smaller as compared to 4.2in display on the Z10 to accommodate the keyboard. The smaller screen doesn’t give you the luxury to watch videos or play games either, although neither is impossible.


Even at the Q10’s 3.1in screen size, BlackBerry is going with super AMOLED. The 720-x-720-resolution display shows images brighter than does the LCD screen of the Z10, and I found it great for watching video and reading websites with images.

The Z10 and Q10 both have got almost same hardware besides issues with keyboard and display. Both have the features of 2GB RAM, good 16GB of storage and a memory card slot for adding extra mempry up to 32GB. Both are powered by dual-core 1.5GHz processors, which provide high performance for swipes and other various applications. Both have high resolution 8-MP cameras and 2-MP front facing cameras.

However, the Q10 has a bigger 2100mAh removable battery as compared to the 1800mAh battery in the Z10. By having larger battery in the Q10 shows one of BlackBerry’s underlying missions with the Q10: To give more than a full day’s charge to the busy people who were the pioneer users of BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry Q10: build and design

Weighing 139g and 119x66x10mm, the Q10 is a bit heavier, thicker and wider than the Z10 – although it is shorter in length.

The BlackBerry Q10 has rounded corners and a gentle curved top and bottom edge that are actually seductive, especially when Q10 is placed beside the boxy and rectangular Z10. Q10 feels great in the hand, with beveled edges all around the great plastic back. Entire device has a black steel edge around  and also a glass front above the keyboard.

In fact, the profile of the Q10 is reminder of numerous BlackBerry Curve models of past times – the Curve 8520 being the closest. Nowadays, however, designers have combined the 35 hard keys into three full rows with a partial fourth row at the bottom for the spacebar and command keys. The appearance is delightful. The keys are slightly ordered to make ease in handling.

Controls consist of a power button on the top and three more buttons on the right for volume and other functions, besides keyboard.