BlackBerry shifts to Android platform


Troubled Canadian smartphone manufacturer has finally decided to join the ranks of Google’s Android platform. BlackBerry wasn’t able to get much attention with its recent operating system, the BB10 OS. However, it would be an uphill task to get much success due to the fact that a number of top-rank handset makers are already operating on Android platform. The Canadian handset giant is very much lethargic in this context.

The news agency Reuters suggest that shift to Android ecosystem is in line with the company’s motive to concentrate on software and device management. This strategy does look impressive as it will act as a driving force to the BlackBerry’s benchmark services and security.

The upcoming samrtphone to be equipped with Android OS is very likely to be a touchscreen slider with a trademark QWERTY keyboard that was also showcased at the MWC earlier this 2015. This seems quite logical and feasible as it will bring the best of Android experience alongside a traditional keyboard.
With the provision of this facility, the dejected BlackBerry’s users can use Android services on a larger scale. This is, in fact, a big opening for the dying cellphone company as it possess less than 1 percent share in the market at present.

BlackBerry has enabled users to load APKs on its BB10 devices for years. It has also unveiled its much-appreciated and famous BBM service on Android (and iOS) in back 2013 and has been in close connections with numerous Android vendors such as Samsung, at large. However, it will be earlier to predict whether BlackBerry will follow the footsteps of Nokia to treat Android, which launched a highly-modified version of Google’s OS featuring a custom App Store.