BlackBery previous quarter profit slashed from $1.6 billion


The hard times are not going to end or the Canadian handset maker, BlackBerry. The Canadian firm reveals in its earnings reports that previous quarter it generated profit of merely $1.2 billion, slashed from $1.6 billion the past quarter (and $2.7 billion in the last year) and shipped some 4.3 million handset. These sales consisted of 1.1 million phones which were equipped with BB10 OS, which was presumably the silver lining for the company.

The handset giant experienced a huge loss of $1.8 billion previous quarter since it cancelled unshipped BB10 loaded phones in the warehouse, the revenues stands at a incredible $4.4 billion.

Furthermore, the enterprise is subjected to some fresh and revolutionary variations with thanks largely to its latest executive. In quest for grabbing vast and emerging markets all over the world, BlackBerry is joining forces with Foxconn in China to design low-end smartphones. The inaugural handset of this partnership venture is going to be unveiled somewhere probably in next year.

Apart from that, the company is cut into three departments, namely Services, QNX Embedded and Devices. The services division will be the main focus and pick of the lot from BlackBerry whereas Devices division will be manipulated in a more effective manner.

The current CEO John S. Chen still believes that financial matters will get back on track within a couple of years, despite of having such a massive loss, more imminently by 2016. As per to its plan, earnings and losses should be balanced by 2015, with earnings beefing in after that. The coming time will prove whether this strategy will be handy for the troubled handset manufacturer or just a myth.