Canadian authorities are reportedly inquiring Google


The collaboration with U.S government agencies in the spying campaign all over the world is getting on Google’s nerves. This time around, the Canadian authorities are reportedly inquiring Google for being involved in such immoral, anti-competitive, disparaging and anti-trust activities.

The Canadian Competition Bureau has disclosed that it is going to investigate the search engine behemoth for this purpose in May; meanwhile, court data reflects that Google controlled at least a single market involved to search and advertising.

As per The Verge, the figures have clearly displayed that the software and search heavyweight could possibly be a significant partner in handling search outputs to advertise its own products or avoiding information export from the AdWords forum.

If these recent accusations claimed by Canadian Competition Bureau are true to be anti-competitive, then Google has certainly violated Canadian anti-trust laws and will most probably be taken to the court.

The report also notifies that earlier in 2013, Google agreed to bring in a change in its services and practices after making a deal over same allegations by the US’s Federal Trade Commission, which do not appear persuasive and trustworthy to the Canadian authorities.