Chinese Government suspends Windows 8 from its official work machines


The latest reports from within the Chinese government reveals that it has suspended Windows 8 from its entire official work machines.

The government’s media partner, Xinhua news agency, has claimed that government has decided to employ this order to enhance the official computers security. Reuters also mentioned that government and Xinhua haven’t highlighted the scheme of work under which the government computers will be secure by not using the Windows 8 OS.

This particular news might add some more fuel to the presently mounting tensions between the American and the Chinese governments. Yesterday, the American court convicted a couple of Chinese representatives of defacing networks in the States. Whereas Chinese officials also accused Americans of cyber attacks in response to these allegations.

Router said that Chinese decision of abstaining from Windows OS from their government computers was done prior to the American accusations.The American software giant Microsoft has faced a number of legal issues in Chinese territory for years. Microsoft also claimed that China has been secretly supporting the root cause of Windows piracy. It has also been employed with the Chinese government to eradicate the menace of Windows piracy, but hasn’t been truly successful so far.

The Chinese officials haven’t disclosed any alternative OS for Windows 8, which they will use in their work machines. On the other hand, Chinese still extract the goodness out of Windows XP, but as Microsoft announced to annul further release of this OS last month, it will also be termed as a security pitfall for the government. Windows 7 might get a consideration now; however, nothing has surfaced yet from the government office.