Court orders Google to remove anti Islamic content from YouTube


Good news for Pakistani Youtube users is that the Federal Court has ordered Youtube owner Google to remove the anti Islamic content from YouTube and all its copies that has sparked anger in the Muslim world.

Court ordered in favour of Ms. Cindy Lee Garcia, actress appeared in the youtube anti Islamic movie. The court ordered that Ms. Garcia’s role in the conflicted movie was copyrighted and the ovie must be removed from youtube. It must be noted that said anti Islamic content is the basic reason for blockage of youtube in Pakistan and inspite of several requests by Pakistani Government ,Google did not remove the content from youtube.

Ms. Garcia role in the movie was titled “Desert Warrior”, however, the movie makers later dubbed it, and made it anti Islamic. After the movie trailer was released on YouTube, Ms. Garcia requested the Google to remove the movie and said that she had individual copyrights.

Court ordered Google to remove the movie and its copies within 24 hours and asked the company to ensure that movie or any of its part is not again uploaded on youtube.

Google has said that it has the right to fight the court ruling.

Youtube is blocked in Pakistan quite for a while and the removal of anti Islamic content from Youtube will ensure to unblock youtube in Pakistan. Most of people are using Tunnel software’s to access youtube in Pakistan which is compromising their data.