Etisalat stakeholder of PTCL ready to Pay $800 million unpaid dues


The row between the government and Etisalat – operator and bulky stakeholder of the PTCL is going to be resolved soon on an agreement to pay around $800 million unpaid dues.


Minister of State for Information Technology Anusha Rehman arranged a meeting with representatives of Etisalat and briefed media that she is optimistic about the settlement of the issue and the operator assured her of paying all the dues.

“Etisalat has shown its willingness to fix all issues with the government and stay focused on the development of IT and telecom industry in Pakistan.

“They [Etisalat] have strong belief in the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and are keen to resolve all outstanding matters,” Rehman added.

The Federal Minister was expecting that the settlement will be done within a month although the Etisalat representatives did not released any confirmation about the payment of dues. Rehman demanded the delegation to resolve the matter in coming for to five weeks time.

Etisalat has been backing on two accounts in Pakistan. The Emarati telecom operator has been demanding the government to control grey trafficking, which has giving million dollar losses to the telecom giant. At the same time, it also wants fixation of ownership in various properties.