EU warned Apple for misleading children through apps


European Commission (EC) has said that Apple may face legal action by misleading children through n-app purchases and children racking up huge bills by making.

The commission declared that Apple has not changed its policies while commenting on its latest findings on how the internet giants charge the children for programs downloaded onto their tablets and mobile phones.

The EC’s main concern is that most of the Games comes with label of “free to download” but are not offered “free to play”, and after download are automatically debited from the users registered credit card. More than 50 percent of online games in the EU are lablled as “free”, the Commission says.

In one case, EU highlighted that an eight-year-old British girl managed a bulky bill of £4,000 for “in-app” purchases from games like My Horse and Smurfs’ Village.

The commission has asked Apple to comply on four key points:

 1) Games advertised as “free” should not mislead children / users

2) Games should not directly urge children to buy items in a game.

3) Consumers should be clearly informed about the payment and should not be debited using default settings.

4) Traders should provide contact and email address for consumers in case of queries or complaints.

The EC warned for possible legal action in case the Apple do not follow its decision.