Facebook is planning to launch ten high-quality games in 2013


Facebook Inc is planning to attract more developers this year to extend its console-style action games beyond Sony Corp’s PlayStation and Microsoft Corp’s Xboxvia its world’s leading social network.Facebook is planning the launch of ten high-quality games developed by third-party developers in 2013.

Facebook games

The current effort that began last last year will continue to gain momentum in 2013,and is a strategy of Facebook to making sure its one billion-plus users log in and spend much more time on its network, which invariably will boost ad revenue.

Facebook is planning more action and battle games and held a meeting in January with the companies that make games like “first-person shooters” and VP Joe Biden to think for ways to curb gun violence as was done during Connecticut school shootings.

In console gaming normally men 18 to 30 years old spend time and effort to master the games like Microsoft’s “Halo” first-person shooters or Activision Blizzard’s “StarCraft” real-time strategy games ().

Facebook has 1.06 billion monthly active players that enjoy to play games on one of the biggest gaming communities that the social network hopes to grow further.

Developers also rely on word-of-mouth publicity and ads on Facebook’s advertising platform to draw in prospective gamers.

“Stormfall” has 4.5 million players and hardcore games are becoming much more lucrative, said chief marketing officer,Gabi Shalel Of Israel-based Plarium.