Facebook may acquire Titan Aerospace


Social media giant, Facebook is reportedly said to have shown its interest in acquiring a startup known for designing and building solar-equipped drones. This company bears the name of Titan Aerospace, and its drones can last up to five years in the upper atmosphere.


Techcrunch reveals that Facebook is keen to purchase solar energy operated unmanned air vehicles in a bid to offer uninterrupted internet connectivity. For this purpose, it wants to accumulate almost 11,000 drones in order to provide its sky-based data facilities, stating within Africa. Titan Aerospace has also verified its takeover talks with Facebook. Such an acquisition will surely play an integral role in the expansion of Facebook’s internet access in emerging nations on the planet.

Other rivals such as Google are also working on project like this. Google has initiated Project Loon, which offers at least 50 testers online connectivity through sun-operated helium balls. Google has employed its project in the southern part of the globe, where New Zealand is situated.

Facebook has recently done one of the most expensive takeovers in its history by acquiring online messaging service Whatsapp for a mighty $19 billion deal. If it is successful in pulling of the Titian Aerospace company, it will have to give $ 60 million, which is far more less than the latter purchase.