Facebook is being used by 45 percent of US old citizens


The Pew Center for Internet and American Life released a new report recently reflecting that social media giant, Facebook’s has been most popular among users over the age of 65 in 2013, as aged persons log onto the social website to tie up with their relatives, friends, kids and grandchildren.

The studies also came up with the result that as many as 45 percent of American old citizens who surf the Internet are using Facebook, growing from 35 percent in 2012.

Meanwhile, youth subscribers made it at 84 per cent. The firm is seriously considering these stats as the teen users was the reason of its early success, something that the media giant has commended itself in a profit call this 2013.

Facebook may be hit by its own popularity after almost a decade as the country’s top social networking site, Pew senior researcher Aaron Smith quoted.

Facebook is experiencing an increase in Instagram usage amongst youngsters, which it purchased for a whopping $1 billion back in 2012.

Still, a paused youth base — the percentage of those in the group of 18-29 age that utilize Facebook dropped two percentage points in contrasr to previous year.

Earlier, a survey from researchers at University College London reflected that British youth is refraining from Facebook due to much greater influence of senior users.

Pew also noted that over 40 per cent of American citizens managed several social media profiles for various aims.

Facebook, which now has over 1 billion user base and as many as 71 per cent of Americans utilize this service, which appears to be the “default” social media website.

On the other hand, Pinterest lures more women in contrast to men, LinkedIn to highly educated or rich customers whereas Twitter is popular among teens and African Americans.

57 percent of Instagram subscribers, for instance, check for updates on the website each day, is contrast to 63 per cent of Facebook customers. Almost half of Twitter’s subscribers, 46 per cent to be specific, also return to their profiles on daily basis.

Pew researchers studied some 1,800 teens in English and Spanish by means of landline and mobile phones for the survey. The study was organized earlier in August and September.