All five cellular companies finally agreed for biometric verification solution


After a long pause, all five cellular companies have finally decided to go for the biometric verification solution for authorizing users’ information before selling them the SIMs in the best interest of the nation. A source aware of the situation told that responsible corporate citizens and organizations along with all leading mobile firms CEO’s agreed on the decision unanimously.

Mobile companies are again willing to grab all their unauthorized SIMs available in market.

They also demand that this system should be fool-proof and long-lasting and they must not be annoyed time and again to replace for SIMs verification after a couple of months.

Cellular operators also reminded government that the complete installation of biometric equipment at every franchise will cost between Rs. 35 to 40 thousand per outlet. Let’s suppose that all networks have over 250,000 franchises across the country, they will install biometric verification system solution for a minimum of 70-75,000 outlets nationwide. This whole scenario goes up to a whopping Rs. 3billion per cellular operator. Yet they are willing to go for it due to insecure environment in the country.

The issue of unregistered and illegal connections still remains a big concern despite filtering millions of SIMs. All the leading cellular networks spent over Rs. 2 billion for SIM checking solutions in the last 3-4 years.

NADRA currently takes Rs. 13 for each SIM verification from telecom operators, while after the biometric system comes into play, the charges will be beefed up to Rs. 28 per verification.

According to these calculations, all the mobile firms are insisting NADRA on a reduce charge sheet for SIM identification process.

Mobile operators further requested the government that all the stakeholders should play their part in the installation and cheap import of this system’s equipments for the betterment of the country in the current security scenario.

Sources from the Ministry of Information Technology claim that government is set to help mobile firms in all possible modes. They also said the federal government is keen to provide all the necessary equipments of this system to the telecom companies on subsidized rates. For this purpose, funding will be issued through proper channel.

Analysts emphasis on the installation of this fool-proof biometric system. They also suggested that government will have to employ strict monitoring on the system to ensure its credibility. According to market dynamics, the installation of such a system will take not less than a year.