Forbes put Zuckerberg’s reserves at $19bn, which were $9.4bn last year


The new rankings from Forbes put Zuckerberg’s reserves at $19bn, which were $9.4bn last year, when the tech tycoon fell to number 36. The increase in Facebook’s share price hit $45.30, its highest level last week since Facebook’s botched IPO on May 18 previous year. This share bump has also paid well for the social network co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, Zuckerberg’s former room-mate.

Moskovitz, 29, is now the youngest billionaires on Forbes 400. He is eight days younger than Zuckerberg.

His estimated 5pc shares in Facebook earned him a mighty cash of $5.2bn.

Carl Icahn, the activist investor eager to buy Dell private re-entered the top 20 for the first time since 2008 with net worth of $20.3bn.

The first spot in the list is maintained for the twentieth consecutive year by the Microsoft former boss, Bill gates.

Gates fortune rose up to $6bn to take his tally to a staggering $72bn. He is now followed by the Mexican telecom entrepreneur billionaire Carlos Slim.

Berkshire Hathaway investor Warren Buffett remains in close contest with Gates by beefing up his net cash by $12.5bn to $58.5bn, which makes him the year’s biggest dollar gainer worldwide.

Oracle owner, Larry Ellison has a net worth of $41bn, while the joint fourth-richest Americans are Charles and David Koch, the brothers who started the lucrative global conglomerate Koch Industries, have a $36bn fortune each.

In the Forbes 400 richest Americans line up, all the elites have got their lost shares to increase profit.

The joint net reserves of the 400 richest Americans have gone up to $300bn to a record $2trn. This whopping amount equals the GDP of Russia.

Forbes has included some new comers in its 400 richest American list. Michael Rubin, the founder of the online sports retailer Kynetics, has stick to 243, and Robert Pera, the chief of the wireless technology manufacturer Ubiquiti Networks, is placed at 293

Pera, 35, is one of the nine businessmen under 40 years to be included on the Forbes line up.

The biggest percentage gainer is the 72-year-old founder of the software business Workday, David Duffield. He has got his cash tripled up to $6.4bn after the company’s IPO last October.

The recent Forbes world’s richest people on the planet were taken on August 23.