Gartner reports 301 million smartphones sold in Q3 2014


The latest reports from the smartphone arena have indicted an increasingly upward trend. More than half (66%) of global mobile phone shipments are now composed solely of smartphones, and this year’s end is going to make the tally up to 1.2 billion units.

Leading research firm Gartner have mentioned in its latest report that as many as 301 million smartphones were sold in the third quarter of 2014 with the two heavyweights of smartphone sector, Samsung and Apple, accounting for 37% of entire total shipments together. A total of 456 million cell phones were sold in this quarter.

Gartner’s report also shows a number of astounding facts. Apple’s market share has jumped to 12.7%, with 38 million units, with thanks to strong urge for the latest iconic handset iPhone 6. Chinese telecom giant Huawei also made a minor boost to strengthen third spot with a total of 16 million units or 5.3% of the total sales. Korean behemoth Samsung’s place at the height of international smartphone sales is still impeccable with an overall 73 million smartphones shipment in Q3 2014, thus acquiring a massive 24.4% market share. Meanwhile, this share saw a cut of nearly 8 percent points since 2013.

The surprise intruder in this high-profile top 5 list was Chinese handset manufacturer Xiaomi which managed to show a healthy 4% growth rate on an annual basis. Xiaomi is catching up fast behind Huawei with an overall net shipment of nearly 16 million units, with a 5.2% market share. In a throat cutting smartphone ecosphere this is quite heartening news for the “Chinese Apple”. Xiaomi is now undoubtedly the leading shipper of smartphones in China.

Gartner also highlights a strategy change for Xiaomi which has also contributed in making its smartphones a huge success. Due to saturation, weak sales were seen in mature markets. Leading makers have been showing sloppiness to focus developing markets as the next avenue of growth. Xiaomi, on the other hand, has got the edge over of their slow leap and aggressively deployed phones in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. With a 50 percent growth of entire shipments in these regions on an annual basis, it is vivid that this strategy is successful.

Gartner’s future anticipations also highlighted that Apple will beef up its shipments momentum by recording its “biggest ever” Q4 sales on the support of two latest mainstream iPhone variants. However, Chinese handset makers will also be targeting the untapped and lucrative emerging markets by coming up with low-cost LTE phones an enchanting and alluring attractive option.