Giants Google, Samsung and Apple dominates the smartphone battle


Recent analysis and reports clearly indicates that tech giants Google, Samsung and Apple are dominating the smartphone battle, rather than contesting “ecosystems”.

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With its upcoming OS and its iconic Nexus, Google is taking the lead on Android OS, for which it has been trying for a long time since.

The Java-centric OS was once termed as an “open system” but it’s grown as a portal for Google ads and solutions. Aiming to provide inexpensive devices, Google is keen to retrieve the ruined “Landfill Android” side of the market, where Nokia and some anonymous Chinese manufacturers, besides other hardware manufacturers in developing markets, are making huge revenues.

The net figures display only Apple, Samsung and Google on the sheet. A main effect is that the Android’s significance has been belittled. Developers are now regarding it similar to Marc Andressen’s renowned description of Microsoft Windows – “a pathetic debugged device driver layer”. Google has also experienced its services blockage in China earlier.

Google has also shown its commitment to work on Landfill Android™, the inexpensive and nasty service provided by underpowered hardware operating an Android system. KitKat will attract the cheap (or unbranded) makers to Google.

On the other hand, Samsung has been the only undisputed financial earner from Android, with thanks largely to Google for subsidizing the project.

Samsung’s success story is not only confined to its flagship Galaxy S handsets, but also from taking a series of price packages that entails contract shipments in emerging markets and prepay in mature markets. Samsung rely on Google so much that it copies the entire application or solution with its own substitute – getting two of everything.

Samsung is now becoming a part of unwanted fight against Google by acquiring the Landfill segment. It is now only waiting to uncover the story and forms a Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

The main reason for its delay is whether Samsung opts to this fight to the world as “The Samsung API” or to please the proposition with some clichés. For instance, it could presumably go to show its row with Google as a “Really Open Alliance”, an industrial development, with roars of “Returning Android to its start”.